he One Step Closer Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization whose main goal is to ease, as much as possible, the lives of those who suffer from Cerebral Palsy.

Founded in 2007, The One Step Closer Foundation (OSCF) is a non-profit, charitable organization whose main goal is to impact the lives of those who suffer from cerebral palsy.

The OSCF will, through various fundraising efforts, support existing groups, individuals, and research. For those already coping with cerebral palsy (CP), the OSCF strives to promote awareness and understanding of the disease through education programs, support groups and access to previously unknown research.  The OSCF will also direct funds to researchers seeking for medical advancements in treating and diagnosing CP.

The OSCF will accomplishing its mission by focusing on three principle areas:

•To help promote a national awareness, recognition and acceptance of persons with cerebral palsy.

•To financially assist those who have or are taking care of individuals that have been medically diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and are financially unable to handle all of the considerable costs associated with this disease. On a case by case basis, OSCF will offer financial support to those in need of medical equipment, therapy, rehabilitation and or other costs related to CP.

•To support research to find ways to alleviate, as much as possible, the effects and burdens brought on by CP with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for the disease.

One Step Closer to financial freedom for those coping with Cerebral Palsy.  One Step Closer to social acceptance of those suffering from Cerebral Palsy.  One Step Closer to finding a cure for Cerebral Palsy.  Each day brings us One Step Closer.

Born February 13, 1983, three months premature Jacob Zalewski was given a 3% chance of survival due to various complications at birth. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of three, but the onset came at birth.

Mr. Zalewski has never considered himself handicapped by this debilitating disease. Rather he has considered it a blessing, looking at it as something God has entrusted him to use positively to inspire others.

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